“What Is Faith?” she Asked

“What Is Faith?” she Asked

As a girl, Julia Dent (later Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant) sat with her mother during a sermon. The minister expounded at length on the importance of faith. He proclaimed if one had faith, he could move mountains or walk on water. The pastor’s persistence convinced Julia.

Soon afterward, Julia and her younger sister Nellie wandered the fields around her house collecting flowers and butterflies. They spotted a clematis blooming on the other side of their creek and longed for a sprig. However, the water from recent rains had swelled the stream and covered their usual
stepping stones. The dancing waves seemed to laugh at Julia as she wondered how to cross.

Suddenly, she remembered the sermon. “If we have faith, we can walk on the water.”

“What is faith?” Nell frowned.

“Simply believe you can.” Julia chose the smoothest part of the stream and got a running start just in case. However, she sank into the water up to her armpits. Nell tried another spot, but she went under too.

Julia had to rescue Nell. Their clothes, flowers, and butterflies got drenched.

The girls confused spiritual realities with physical. God acts in the spiritual realm when we have faith. For instance, when Abraham had faith, the Lord counted that as righteousness. Further, as believers walking by faith, we can avoid sin and exhibit the fruits of the Spirit. When you consider we were born with a sinful nature, that’s like moving mountains.

“Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” Heb. 11:6
Choose to keep walking by faith and pleasing the Lord.

Welcoming April 2024

Welcoming April 2024

Holy Father, as we watch the leaves budding with the onset of spring, fill our hearts with your praises. Your creation radiates your power, glory, and wisdom, and we stand in awe of your majesty. Teach us, Lord, to humble ourselves before you. Keep us focused on our eternal home, which will be grander still than the beauty we see around us… In the Name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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First Black Regiment in the Civil War

First Black Regiment in the Civil War

History of Blacks in the Military

Once Lincoln took the oath of office, Frederick Douglas encouraged Lincoln to free the slaves and to give them a chance to fight for their freedom. The war broke out shortly after Lincoln’s inauguration on April 12, 1861, when the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter. However, Lincoln was hesitant to make the war about slavery. He didn’t want the border states to secede so preferred to save the Union.

In August of 1861, Congress tackled the issue of the black man and passed the First Confiscation Act which stated that any enslaved person who worked or who fought for the Confederate military were free from their masters. Eleven months later, Congress passed two laws. The first was the Second Confiscation Act stated that slaves belonging to Confederate citizens and military officers were free. In essence, this freed the slaves in the South and Lincoln’s proclamation wasn’t necessary. However, this law was only enforced if the Union held the territory in question. The second, the Militia Act allowed the government to accept black men into the military but did not specify conditions to do that.

In January 1863, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which gave freedom to any black man living in the Confederacy. Obviously, unless the Union held the area, this proclamation couldn’t be enforced.

Kansas was the first state to recruit and train soldiers into their state militia. In 1862, Kansas state senator, James Lane recruited black soldiers and called their brigade the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry. Two months later, 225 black soldiers defeated 500 Confederates at the Battle of Island Mound. That battle proved the men’s desire to fight courageously. Once Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, black men could join the military, and the United States welcomed these troops into the military as the 79th United States Colored Troops.

The 1st South Carolina Colored Infantry was one of the first black troops mustered into the Union army as the 33rd United States Colored Troops. General Rufus Sexton had organized the volunteers who were former slaves from South Carolina and Georgia. While they didn’t participate in any huge battles, they succeeded in numerous raids along the Florida and Georgia coast. Harriett Tubman cooked for them, but she also served as a cook and spy. Susan Taylor King joined them in 1862 as a laundress and nurse.

Discover New Ways to Manage a Wayward Child

Our children tend to misbehave in uncomfortable situations, like the grocery store. What are the best ways to handle a wayward child?

My guest this week was Linda Goldfarb who is an author and coach. She gave great tactics for staying engaged rather than coming unglued.  

You might want to check out her podcast or her Facebook group on parenting.

You can also access Cynthia L Simmons’ tips on creating a peaceful home here.


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Welcoming March As A Whirlwind

Welcoming March As A Whirlwind

It has been a whirlwind these past few weeks… from college students praying non-stop to last week’s release of Jesus Movement.  The wind is blowing and I’m wondering, do you feel it?

Dear Father, thank you for giving us breath. If you had stopped there, we would have had cause to praise you as long as we lived. However, you also gave us the gift of eternal life. Oh, may the certain hope of eternity with you fill us with songs of joy. We covet revival for our nation and pray that hearts awakened to you in Kentucky would spread to every state. Bring us to our knees in true repentance and humility. Oh, empower us so we would live out our faith. In Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen.

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Welcoming The Glory of November 2022

Welcoming The Glory of November 2022

“Dear Father, As November arrives and we prepare for the holidays, warm our hearts with your love and remind us to hover ever closer to you. Keep our hearts pure so we are ready to meet you anytime. The business of celebrating, decorating, preparing meals, and entertaining family can distract us from building your kingdom. Help us to proclaim you and your grace with diligence. In your mercy, overflow our hearts with praise for your gifts. Blessed be the name of the Lord. In the Name of Jesus, we pray, Amen.”

May the below Others-Centered November 2022 Calendar Challenge be an encouragement to you and those around you. My team and I pray these prompts get you one step closer toward our God, the Ultimate Father, who controls ALL things, including justice, peace, and the nations.

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