Adoption Reflects God’s Love

I recall the day my father died. My mother died about two years prior, and his death left an empty spot in my soul. Even as an adult I was an orphan. The intensity of the pain shocked me.

One passage came to mind, and I still think of it often:

When my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will take me up. Ps.  27:10

Parents comfort us because we aren’t alone. They care about even the smallest thing because we belong to them. I could always call Mom or Dad anytime, and they’d listen regardless of what I faced. Losing that connection devastates us.

However, when I accepted Jesus, the Lord adopted me, and in him I have a parent who wants to listen and walk with me through life. He created me and did more for me than Mom and Dad could ever do. When I was his enemy, he died for my sins.

Valentine’s Day arrived and the stores offer flowers, candy, teddy bears, and cards. But compared to adoption, this love looks cheap.

Today I have Kim de Blecourt, and she has written I Call You Mine. She tells how she adopted a boy from overseas and shares how they adapted to his needs. She also draws parallels to God’s love for us.

Christmas and PTSD

Christmas and PTSD

Kathi Macias

Kathi Macias


Christmas is a time of joy, and it should be.  As believers we celebrate because we understand the hope we have. Jesus died to give us eternal life. When we come to know him we have a reason to live for something bigger than ourselves.


But it also important to realize that because our world is messed up, not everyone will be happy.


For instance, men who serve in the military often struggle with PTSD, which is post traumatic stress. It’s so important for us to understand this disorder so we can offer help.


There’s also a disorder for children called Attachment disorder. A child who has this is fearful of bonding with an adult. They crave it, yet they fear it too. They don’t have appropriate social behavior with others.

Kathi Macias wrote about PTSD and Attachment Syndrome in her latest book. She shares more about both and how we can minister to our solders who struggle to adjust to life after the horrors of battle.


Romans 12:15 Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.

Learn more about Kathi Macias here.

To learn more  about PTSD and how to help those who suffer. Go  here.

Should I Adopt?

Should I Adopt?

Many Christians have a heart for the myriads of needy children in the world, but adoption comes with mega challenges. Should I adopt? Sue Badeau shares her wisdom on being that ‘forever mother.’ Listen and avoid the pitfalls or encourage those who tackle the challenges. Learn more about Sue and her ministry here.

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