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#HeartMtr Radio: Breaking Invisible Chains: Domestic Abuse

September 19, 2014
Jeenie and Susan

Women are the most common victim of domestic abuse and they are refuse to report what they suffer. How can a woman break these invisible chains and gain freedom? Jeenie Gordon, counselor, and Susan Osborn, writer, reach out to hurting women to offer hope. Click here to get a copy.

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#HeartMtr Radio: Sharing the Gospel, Battling Oppression

September 12, 2014
Leslie Segraves

Leslie Segraves and her husband founded the 10/40 Connections. They share the Gospel and battle oppression. She shares stories of changed lives.

Abuse, All, Commitment to Christ, Emotions, Finances, Heart of the Matter, Living through heartache, Marriage, Parenting, Sex, Uncategorized, Walking by Faith, Worry

#HeartMtr Radio: Protect Your Child from Abuse

July 11, 2014
Lisa Cherry and her husband.


Every parent wants to protect their child from abuse, but in our declining culture that’s getting harder. Lisa Cherry and Cynthia talk about ways to keep your family free from the sexual predator. From personal experience, Lisa knows the dangers to avoid and the warning signs a parent might otherwise miss.

Lisa’s Bio:

Lisa Cherry and her husband, Doug, have a heart to see families make the spiritual baton pass to the next generation and fulfill the calling of God that is on their lives. For this reason, they founded Frontline Family Ministries Inc. in 1998. Together with all their 10 children and now son and daughter-in-law  and their growing numbers of descendants, they lead the various Frontline Ministries including Pastoring Victory Dream Center (pioneered in 1998), REALITY Youth Center, POTTS (Parents of Teens and Tweens), and Frontline Families Resources. Joyfully married for over 32 years, Doug and Lisa know what it is like to navigate a family through both smooth sailing waters and troubled dangerous storms. Their sensitivity, passion, and wisdom equip parents to launch strong Christ followers for the next generation. As they enjoy loud family dinner nights, toy-strewn messy living rooms, and traveling and speaking to churches, parents and teens, they have found their Frontline for Him.

Learn more at


Contact Cynthia at Heart of the Matter:

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Heart of the Matter: Return to the Hiding Place

May 2, 2014
Mimi Sagadin
Mimi Sagadin was delighted when asked to play Corrie Ten Boom in Return to the Hiding Place.  Mimi studied the accent since she played a role in a Broadway movie about the holocaust.  In this interview she explains how she prepared for the role and how it felt to play someone she admired.
To learn more about the movie, click here:
Abuse, Commitment to Christ, Emotions, Family, Grief, Heart of the Matter, Parenting, Sex, Walking by Faith

HeartMtr Radio with Mara Adkins and Mary Riesberg

January 31, 2014
Author and Life Coach, Mary Riesberg
Theresa Anderson of Write Integrity Press introduces Mara Adkins. Learn more about her at
Mary Riesberg As a well-recognized communication skills expert, professional speaker, leadership trainer and author, Mary Riesberg works with individuals to empower them to have confidence when speaking to an audience of 1 or 1000. Mary has over 24 years of experience transforming beginners/professional speakers, radio and news personalities, government officials and singers to become a Total Impact Speaker ™ A few of Mary’s associations include Chick-fil-A, Met Life, United Cerebral Palsy, American Society of Training and Development and American Business Women’s Association.
Mary complements her speaker and voice coaching with Team Communication and Leadership training as a founding partner of the John C. Maxwell Team of speakers, coaches and trainers and licensed facilitator of the Path Elements Profile ™ by Laure Beth Jones. She is also a Certified Christian Life Coach and has just released her book entitled, God, Me and My Hula-Hoop: Finding Balance and Momentum in Your Walk with Christ.
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