How to Survive After Being Abandoned

How to Survive After Being Abandoned

Years ago when my husband taught a Sunday school class to young couples, his cell phone rang just as he was about to start teaching one Sunday. He turned it off and continued.

I sat up front on his right, and I was dismayed when my phone began ringing. Running out of the room, I discovered my teenage son had just awakened and discovered the family was gone. At the time we usually drove several cars, and I didn’t worry who went in each car. And I didn’t I awaken my teens. They were old enough to do that.

When I sneaked back into the room, the entire classed turned toward me. I should have kept my mouth shut, but I blurted out, “That was our son. He just woke up.”

The whole class erupted in laughter. Their diligent teacher had abandoned one of his children.

That hurt our pride as we briefly discussed how on earth he could have missed us banging around the house getting ready for church, but no one was injured.

However, the story would be quite different if he had been a younger child. Women are nurturers and we want our nest in order. If a husband leaves, that’s unpleasant and unsettling.

I’m so glad Jesus said, I will never leave you or forsake you.

Today my guest is Edwina Cowgill who is telling the story of Alexandria Bagnell  Alexandria wrote Abandoned to the Heart of God based on her story. Her husband left when she had young children, and she explains how she survived.

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