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Queen Elizabeth II was a believer. And when she was a young girl, she promised the nation that she would work for them and be a faithful queen her entire life. She was very fond of Billy Graham, which really upset the Britons because he was an Anglican and she was supposed to be head of the Anglican church, but she was a true believer and she really wanted to give her life to the and she did the best she could her entire life.  There are people who believe that are close to the royal family that she actually died of myeloma, which is a bone disease and it causes a lot of pain in the bones and you start losing weight and you start being able to get around, which we saw that happening to her.  And then at the very end of her life, like the day before she died, she was welcoming in her new prime minister with a smile.

Of course, by that time, you could tell from looking at her that she had lost a lot of weight. And then the next morning she was dead. So she was an example of someone who, despite illness, was continuing to look out for other people and to be concerned for everyone else except herself. And what a good example.

Today I have with me  Debbie Malone and she has just put out a book that’s a compilation of people who describe how you can do the same thing that is to bloom in your winter season and that is the name of her book. So Debbie, welcome. Thank you.  Tell me what put this on your mind.


That’s an interesting question because I don’t know exactly the minute that it happened, but,  I do remember After my last Bible study that I was interested in doing another Bible study and a friend of mine and I came up with the idea of having a blog for women in their winter season.

And I think the book kind of morphed out of the idea for the blog.  And then the compilation. I am so excited about that. There’s 23 other authors, and it’s something that I had always wanted to do, and I was able to do it with this book. And so it’s like a dream come true. So I’ve really been excited about that.

But I just feel there’s such a need for women our age in their winter season that we’re not through. God has not stamped an expiration date on our forehead.


That is very true for Queen Elizabeth. The second she was determined to keep going as long as she could and, , died very quickly, even though she was probably very ill.

What kind of things have you learned about aging well?


Well, I can’t say I’ve aged real well. I’ve probably come to the aging process,  fighting and kicking and  but I think I’ve gotten better. And, you know, I think that’s normal. I think that’s normal for us to, I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, wait a minute, that’s not my bum. I don’t have a bum.

We’re going to have changes. Our bodies are going to change. We’re going to have physical changes. So I think there’s a grieving period even for that loss of youth. But I have learned that there’s so many other things that you can do, that you can acclimate, that you can learn. To do it other ways and to do other things.

And I think that, and the fact that studying these women from the Bible, just for example, Anna and Miriam and Naomi, that  God uses us throughout our life, not just when we’re young.


That is a really good point  you may feel like that at a certain point you’re through being a  mother. Or your husband passes away and you feel like , it’s all over with, but God continues to use us and he continues to work in your life.

And that’s a really good point that, he’s not done with you till he’s done with you.  We need to keep, keep going.  So how did you deal with perhaps some of the grief that you faced as you aged?


I have had a lot of changes physically.  I have a knee replacement.  I’m wearing glasses. I actually have hearing aids  and  all those changes,  cause emotions  to well up.,   there’s so many things I’d like to do.  But I’ve taken that. I have found other things to do with that grief and to fill that area of things that I can’t do. Just for instance, like using Zoom,. This is something that I’m doing a lot more of. I’m doing a lot of online things since I can’t study.

Even,  in our physical stages where there’s not a lot we can do, there’s things we can pray. Anna prayed and fasted.  We can send cards. We can have a card ministry. I have a friend that sends out text every day to her friends, and I look forward to that text. Just getting that little text, you know, it’s usually just a meme or something.

So I think that’s kind of how I dealt with it, just finding other things, other ways to live life.


And with technology, there is so much more that we can do now than we could in the past.   I can have a zoom call with somebody in California, as well as somebody in New York or Pennsylvania all at the same time.

And I can be influencing people’s lives like we couldn’t do it in the past  traveling and all that. And you can, you can still do it


With my Bible studies, I’m taking them online. And it’s been wonderful because I can meet women from all over  the United States and international, you know, through my Bible studies.

Something that you couldn’t do if you were just doing a local Bible study.


You couldn’t. And you can have prayer groups. I’m in a writer’s group that we do a regular prayer group together and encourage each other. And we’re all over the country and yet we are just as close as if we’re in the same town.

Yeah.  So that’s very encouraging.  God’s not done with you and, and so you need to keep living to the fullest as long as you can. What about the ministry of prayer?  What do you think? How do you think that can still continue?


One thing  that I’ve been doing lately that has really helped me and that is to journal my prayers and write out my prayers.

And that has just made a big difference in my prayer life.  And there’s so many people that need prayer.  And I think there’s such a ministry for it. And of course, you know, Anna always comes to mind when we think of prayer life. And how,  she prayed every day and fasted every day and I may not fast every day, but,  we, we can pray.

And  so I think it plays a big part in our life, especially when there’s other things that have been taken away from us that we can’t. do physically.  Prayer is always there.


In my mother’s last illness, she used to tell me that she would wake up in the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. And so she would lie there and pray for me.

And that really meant a lot.

Do you have any other thoughts before we close?


Just keep on keeping on.  You know, I like, Babbie Mason is the one that I first heard say that, that God did not stamp an expiration date on her head, and of course I love Babbie, and all I have to do is look around and see the ladies that are in their winter season that are just dynamic. And of course we can’t all necessarily do that. We can’t all travel. And we can’t all be,  going around the country. But there are things we can do. And they are such an inspiration to us. And just remember that. There is no expiration date. And through the Bible, through this Bible study, we cover 12 women in their winter season that God used mightily.

Go look those women up. Go look some women up in the Bible and study them and see how that they were still used, even in their winter season.


Yep. I like that because we need to keep going until the Lord takes us home. You can find Bloom in Your Winter Season on Amazon.


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