Great News on Handling Anxiety

March 31, 2022

Women often suffer with anxiety. We like our nest/our home safe and secure, but we all recognize that life happens. Just knowing things can go terribly wrong can make us worry.

There is hope. We have great news on handling anxiety. My guest was Author Michelle Lazurek. She went through a very dark time and learned a lot. Michelle couldn’t wait to share with you.

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Hope for the Abused Woman

March 24, 2022

NCADV said one in four women will experience sexual violence, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner in her lifetime. On a typical day, domestic violence hotlines take about 19,000 calls.

However, we offer hope for the abused woman. Victoria Cuore was my guest this week. She survived an abusive husband, and she offers help and a listening ear.

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New Evidence that Shows Earth Was Designed

March 17, 2022

W0uld you like to believe a lie? Not me. That’s why I am always checking my anchor, and God is my anchor.

When Charles Darwin published Origin of the Species, he believed life evolved over time, eliminating the need for a Creator. However, scientists continue to uncover new evidence of design. My guest this week was Casey Luskin who works for Discovery Institute. He gave some of the latest discoveries.

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Historical Perspective on Living by the Bible

March 10, 2022
Live by the Bible

Our world has changed in the past ten years and adopted ideas that don’t make sense. As believers in Christ, we have a Biblical worldview, which makes us live against the culture.

Author Lisa Betz was my guest this week. She loves the Roman era and wrote two mysteries in that time period. A Roman Christian also lived counterculturally. From her research,  she gave us a historical perspective on living by the Bible in our pop culture.

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Help Your Child Adjust to Change

March 3, 2022
Help your child adjust to change

Change can be tough for everyone.

Last winter we lost power during the cold weather, and I moved my cats to my son’s house to keep them warm. One cat adjusted fine. The other cat spent the entire time under the couch in a huddle, and he refused to eat.

Some kids may love change and adapt right away. Author Heidi Vertrees offered a ton of great ideas to help that child who resists having his world upended.

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March 2022, We Welcome You

February 28, 2022

“Dear Father, we lift our hearts today to you, realizing how much we need you. How we praise you that you see the end from the beginning and know how to sort out the endless tangles of life. We throw ourselves on your mercy and ask for you to give us perseverance. May we revel in the beauty of the budding springtime and glorify the works of your hands. Bless us with wisdom so we may walk in your ways. In the Name of Jesus, we pray, Amen.”

May the below Others-Centered March Calendar Challenge be an encouragement to you and those around you. My team and I pray these prompts get you one step closer toward our God, the Ultimate Father, who controls ALL things, including justice, peace, and the nations.


To download, the March 2022 Others Centered Calendar Challenge, click here.


The Importance of Touch to Communicate Love

February 17, 2022
Touch Communicates Love

We’ve been talking about love this month, and this week we continue that theme. Donna Frisinger was my guest, and she loves hugs.  She has researched the importance of touch to communicate warmth and affection. Her research reminds us to love on our children, and even our spouse.

Listen here.

More on bonding here.

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