Spiritual Warfare

Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles

July 13, 2017

Would you like to fight a battle? I can’t say I do, however,  we live in a world full of upheaval. My thoughts and prayers go to the recent victims of terror in Manchester and in London. These attacks add to the long string of terror we have been hearing about. But there’s another war out there that’s been raging a long time too. It’s spiritual warfare, and it’s just as real. A number of years ago a friend and I led and Lady’s Sunday school class together. She’d teach several weeks and then pass the lesson off to me. The moment it was my turn, I was barraged by unpleasant thoughts. Sometimes it was worse than others, but I had to evaluate each nasty thought and ask myself if God would say that.

Also in 2008, the moment I entered the writing world, I felt it too. I would wake in the morning, and my first feelings were condemnation being poured over me. “You think you can write?”

My husband fell ill with a serious disease. He was and is a serious Bible teacher. Highly intellectual. And the doctor discovered his brain was infected. Let me tell you, nothing could be more devastating to one who is brilliant. It was a very personal attack. My mind went back to the story of Job. God allowed Satan to hurt job. But. He said you may go this far and no more. I truly believe the Lord allowed warfare at that time, but he stopped Satan from totally destroying my husband.

Today my guest is Linda Evans Shepherd. She has just completed a book called Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles. She will share with us how to win.

Learn more about Linda Evans Shepherd here.


Linda Evans Shepherd


The famous cat within the interview…

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