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Hello, I am Abigail Rice.  And I understand you are just about to celebrate Independence Day. That is so wonderful. We so longed for our freedom. You see, I lived during that time period. I was just outside of Philadelphia.  My husband Zachariah  would have wanted to fight, but he didn’t get to very often because we had 15 children.

However, George Washington asked him to build a hospital for the Patriots, which he did at Yellow Creek, and that was about a mile from us. I saw those men suffering and ill, and it broke my heart, because  the Apostle John said that we’ve got to do more than just say, be warm and be filled. So I finally moved in with myself and my children to minister to those.

Broken, hurting, sick men because freedom is not free. And so I encourage you, while you celebrate, if you find a patriot who is hurting, reach out to them. Thank you

Celebrate Abigail. a heroine from the Revolutionary War era.
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