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How to Help Your Kids Stay Healthy in 2022

January 27, 2022
staying healthy

We all tend to think of dieting after the holidays because we put on a few extra pounds. However, this week, we are going to talk about how to help our kids stay healthy. We want to start them off well by teaching and modeling a healthy lifestyle. Their diet and exercise can make a difference in life-long health.

My guest this week was Susan Neal. She wrote a fun book for kids called Eat God’s Food. Should we feed them granola bars? Nuts? What about birthday cake? Susan answered all those questions.

Listen here.


Understanding Gluten Intolerance

January 24, 2020

I have a sensitive stomach, so I’m very sympathetic to anyone with digestive issues. Nothing can ruin your day faster than an upset stomach. We’ve all heard about gluten, but the messages we hear can be confusing.

Susan Neal was my guest this week. She has written Solving the Gluten Puzzle and offers a quiz on her website for those who suspect gluten issues.  

Check out this episode!


A New Idea to Rest Your Body and Mind

April 27, 2018
Soundcloud Image - April 26, 2018

I am always looking for ways to rest and rejuvenate because I have learned the importance of caring for myself.

Of course, the verse in I Timothy 4 comes to mind: “bodily exercise is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” But I hate exercise and getting hot.

Over the years I have learned I look and feel better if I do spend time toning up my body, but staying in the Word makes a huge difference too.  Bible study energizes me like nothing else. I get so excited I have to pace. So, what if you combine the two?

Susan Neal had a degree in Nursing and is a health coach. She put exercise and the Bible together and called it Scripture Yoga. Today she’s going to share some benefits of doing both.  You can find her here.


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