Discover How to Have a Peaceful Mind

Discover How to Have a Peaceful Mind

Recently, I took my granddaughter to the play ground and watched while she threw herself into enjoying the equipment and making friends. She was free and peaceful.

As we get older, we experience an influx of intrusive thoughts, and we second guess everything we do. Conflicting voices torment our thoughts and rob our peace.

My guest this week was  author and therapist Tracy Taris. She offered advice about sorting through the chaos so you can have a peaceful mind.

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Leave a Legacy for Your Children

Leave a Legacy for Your Children

Last week we talked about how to have that hard conversation with your children. This week, I want to expand on that. What will your kids say after you are gone? What kind of messages do your actions give?
My guest was Gwyn McCaslin. She has an advanced degree in counseling and she offers wisdom laced with grace.
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Navigate a Tough Conversation with Your Child

Navigate a Tough Conversation with Your Child

Most of us have packed away our Christmas decorations, and now we must pull out the dirty laundry we stuck in the closet. I would rather talk to my husband, a good friend, or even lecture the cat than to launch into a tough conversation with my my child. However, we need to get the facts on the table rather than underneath. Manipulation never works.

Author Lori Wildenberg gave us guidelines for getting started with that tough conversation. She said to find common ground, and approach you child with humility. With Lori’s guidance and lots of prayer, we can do it.

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Overcome the After-Christmas Blues

Overcome the After-Christmas Blues

Do you ever have the blues after Christmas?

When my daughter was about three, we took down our live Christmas tree during her nap. When she woke, she went to the window and said, “Christmas tree, please come back.”

That made me sad.

Dr. Michelle Bingstrom

Putting up decorations is fun, but I hate taking them down. When you finish, your house feels bare and cold. So, how can we overcome the post-Christmas blues? My guest this week was Dr. Michelle Bengstrom who holds a degree in psychology. She studied neurology and how the brain works. For instance, she suggested you get outside in the sunshine. The light increases your mood even if you slather on sunscreen like I do.

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Worry Much?

Do you worry about 2023?
The world is getting crazier every day. There’s hope!

Josh watched his drunk father beat his mother. Fellow school children laughed about the antics of the town drunk, his father. One day Josh found his mother in bed crying. She told him his dad broke her heart and she wanted to die as soon as Josh graduated from high school.

After Josh graduated, his mother died. The tragedy made him despise his father, and he hated God. While he was in college, other students challenged him to prove God didn’t exist. He accepted and traveled to libraries all over the world, researching truth. Finally, one day, Josh realized his task was impossible. God was real.

He met a man who mentored him for six months through Scripture, and Josh’s mind and heart healed. He forgave his father. Josh devoted his life to writing and speaking about the facts he learned. Like Josh McDowell, we can “… overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. (Romans 8:37 NAS)”

Welcoming January 2023

Welcoming January 2023

To kick us off with new habits that lead toward progress, and not perfection, my team and I have created a Habit Tracker to help organize your monthly goals. And yes, we want to aim toward monthly, versus yearly goals that we may forget. Studies show that monthly progress keep us in track. Here you can jot down your monthly goals and even include the Bible Verses that have inspired your goal. Each day, read those verses as you pray to our Everlasting Father and ask for strength and determination to get you close to His design, His will for you.

And as we do each month, let’s pray together: Oh Father, Creator, the One who holds our life breath, we humble ourselves before you as we step into this new year. Protect us from evil and give us your wisdom and guidance. May we speak the wonders of your mercy and grace every day of 2023. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

For your monthly encouragement,  download, the January 2023 Others Centered Calendar Challenge, click here.

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