How Does a Godly Woman Live in a World Out of Sync?

Anxiety, pressure, and constant change unsettle us all. Cynthia L. Simmons uses glimpses of history combined with a sensible approach to Scripture to set a path through the chaos. Through her speaking, writing, and radio show, Heart of the Matter, she provides a message for everyone—authors, young moms, mothers of teens, homeschool moms, empty nesters. Here’s a place to talk, rest, and learn.

Cynthia L Simmons, Author, Podcaster, Speaker

Six Steps to Finding Peace


The Pancake Connection: Mixing Faith and Food

Listen here: Cynthia: Today we're going to talk about a grandmother who had an incredible impact on someone's life.  I have with me Carol Lethem, who is also an author. She reaches out to caregivers. Welcome, Carol. Carole: Thank you, Cynthia. I'm so happy to be here. I'm excited to tell you about my grandmother. [...]

Celebrating Mothers: Dr. Elliott Paid Tribute to Her Mother

Sharon fondly recalls how her mother met her father and their 50-year journey together, filled with love and dedication, despite the unexpected twists life threw at them.

On Mission?

Jacqueline Kennedy adored her children. While she served as First Lady, she designed a secret play area for her preschoolers, Caroline and John. She picked a spot just outside her husband’s west wing office. The playground included a tree house, swings, a slide, and pens for various animals. Kennedy could glance outside to observe his [...]

Welcoming May 2024

Dear Father, we lift our hands to you as we enter this new month. Help us embrace those who graduate and move on to another stage of life. We pray for those parents who watch a beloved child leave the nest. Bless us as we remember our mothers and grandmothers and assist us as we [...]

Choosing Life: Rebuilding Life After Abortion

Camille shares insights into the process of forgiveness, the significance of biblical grief versus worldly sorrow, and the importance of moving forward without the burden of self-condemnation.

Bloom in Your Winter Season

  In this episode of Heart of the Matter Radio/Podcast, Author Deborah Malone discusses who to Bloom in Your Winter Season. Listen here Cynthia: Queen Elizabeth II was a believer. And when she was a young girl, she promised the nation that she would work for them and be a faithful queen her entire life. [...]
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