How Does a Godly Woman Live in a World Out of Sync?

Anxiety, pressure, and constant change unsettle us all. Cynthia L. Simmons uses glimpses of history combined with a sensible approach to Scripture to set a path through the chaos. Through her speaking, writing, and radio show, Heart of the Matter, she provides a message for everyone—authors, young moms, mothers of teens, homeschool moms, empty nesters. Here’s a place to talk, rest, and learn.

Bloom in Your Winter Season

  In this episode of Heart of the Matter Radio/Podcast, Author Deborah Malone discusses who to Bloom in Your Winter Season. Listen here Cynthia: Queen Elizabeth II was a believer. And when she was a young girl, she promised the nation that she would work for them and be a faithful queen her entire life. [...]

“What Is Faith?” she Asked

As a girl, Julia Dent (later Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant) sat with her mother during a sermon. The minister expounded at length on the importance of faith. He proclaimed if one had faith, he could move mountains or walk on water. The pastor’s persistence convinced Julia. Soon afterward, Julia and her younger sister Nellie wandered [...]

Welcoming April 2024

Holy Father, as we watch the leaves budding with the onset of spring, fill our hearts with your praises. Your creation radiates your power, glory, and wisdom, and we stand in awe of your majesty. Teach us, Lord, to humble ourselves before you. Keep us focused on our eternal home, which will be grander still [...]

Uncovering Women’s History: The Story of Katie Luther

In this episode, we learn a snippet about Katrina Von Bora, a woman from the 1500s. She married Martin Luther, the reformer. She displayed incredible qualities for a woman of her time. Listen here Cynthia: It's Women's History Month, so this is a great time to find out about women from the past. Today I'm [...]

When Children Stray: A Mother’s Journey Then and Now

“We are a group of mothers who humbly, yet boldly, go before the throne of God, placing our children in his care, wearing the armor of God, and taking up the sword of the spirit. We persevere in our belief that God’s promises will be fulfilled in their lives.”

You Want A What?

Michael Reagan said he owes his place in the Reagan family to his sister, Maureen. His parents, Ronald and Jane Reagan didn’t plan on having any more children. The doctor had cautioned Jane about giving birth again. However, one day the family shopped in a drug store. Three-year-old Mareen marched to the pharmacy counter. “How [...]
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