How Does a Godly Woman Live in a World Out of Sync?

Anxiety, pressure, and constant change unsettle us all. Cynthia L. Simmons uses glimpses of history combined with a sensible approach to Scripture to set a path through the chaos. Through her speaking, writing, and radio show, Heart of the Matter, she provides a message for everyone—authors, young moms, mothers of teens, homeschool moms, empty nesters. Here’s a place to talk, rest, and learn.

Cynthia L Simmons, Author, Podcaster, Speaker

Six Steps to Finding Peace


Surprising Facts about What Colonists Drank

Listen here Stay Hydrated The weather outside is very, very hot and we need to drink more to make sure that we stay hydrated. They Drank Water? Have you ever given any thought to what colonists drank. Well, the water in the cities was not safe to drink because people poured their sewer into the [...]

Hosting with a Heart

  Listen here Cynthia: Hospitality can have an incredible impact on people. You can bond with people, create intense friends, and sharpen your relationship with the Lord as you spend time with other godly people. The Story of Katrina von Bora: A good example of this is Katrina van Bora. She was, of course, Katie [...]

Decisions, Decisions? 

Betty Carlson couldn’t decide what she wanted in life. She bicycled around Europe after World War II, attempting to find herself. As she traveled, she jumped from one obsession to the next. Finally, a friend invited her to the home of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. They had opened a ministry in their home called L’abri [...]

Welcoming June 2024

Dear Father, as we transition into summer, we praise you for the infinite wisdom you demonstrate in the design of our world. How wonderful are your deeds! Please, keep our hearts close to yours as we vacation with our families, and grant us the rest we need to continue to serve you. May we find [...]

Cool Communication Strategies: Engaging with Fans

Listen here Summer has arrived, and we’ll be using our fans to stay cool outside. Engaging with Fans: Did you know that wealthy women communicated with their fans? Close your fan and touch your right cheek to say yes. No is touching the left cheek. Of course that might create confusion. The man watching has [...]

Echoing Footsteps: A Soldier Lost

Listen  On Memorial Day, we remember those who lost their lives defending our country. And today I want to remember Army Nurse Captain Jennifer Moreno. Her Life: She was remembered for her beautiful smile.  She was in Afghanistan and was deployed with a special ops team. They encountered a suicide bomber.  One of the men [...]
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