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Worried About Perfection? Here’s Some Useful Advice

June 19, 2017

Worried about Perfection? Here’s Some Useful Advice

1 Peter 1:15 but 1alike the Holy One who called you, 2bbe holy yourselves also in all your behavior;

That’s a tough command. Nevertheless, that’s what God asks us to do. None of us are perfect, but I sure want to be.  I was the at the top of my classes in school, and I always hated the fact that I missed that one question on the test.

As an adult, I’m always trying to improve and grow as a person.

But, I’m out of school, and I don’t get grades anymore. Plus my kids are grown, I’m realizing more and more how that desire drives me. I also think about that passage in Phil 3 where Paul said he strives for the resurrection of the dead. He wanted to achieve the perfection he would have in his resurrected body.

This is a great goal, but how do we live with ourselves when we face our fallen nature? Where’s the boundary of Romans 8:1 “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus?”

Striving to become as godly as we can while recognizing and forgiving ourselves for failing. That’s a huge job.

Today my guest is Doc Hensley, he is Professor of Communication (Professional Writing concentration) in the Communication Department at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, and an annual judge for the Evangelical Press Association Awards and the Christy Fiction Awards. He has around five dozen books in print. One of his latest, Pseudonym, gets inside a woman’s mind and deals with several issues we face such as perfectionism and abuse.

1:55 What is the balance between trying to be holy and our desire for perfection?

3:05 How did you climb inside a woman’s mind?

6:08 The consequences of marrying an insecure man.

8:18 Do we women want the applause of others?

Learn more about Doc here.

Doc Hensley










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Christians CAN Enjoy Beauty and Create Art

April 30, 2017
Christians can create beauty and enjoy art

Christians CAN Enjoy Beauty and Create Art

Many Christians in the past have avoided the arts. Many Christians coming out of the Reformation feared beauty and all that was related since they worried about it might corrupt the church. After all, Satan’s beauty corrupted him.

I think it’s time we rethink that, and I will tell you why.

I grow orchids, and I love watching them come into bloom. First, an orchid forms a bud, which swells gradually swells until the petals separate. What am an amazing experience! I feel like I am watching God’s hand at work. Many orchids have an intoxicating aroma that’s only present during the day while the flower is fresh. Watching this beauty unfold taught me something about God. I truly believe he is incredibly stunning. The psalms agree.

Watching this beauty unfold taught me something about God. I truly believe he is incredibly stunning. The psalms agree.  You’ll see verses there that talk about his majesty.

However, in times past, Christians have avoided beauty and creative art since they saw it as a stumbling block. After all, Satan was gorgeous, but he became self-absorbed and fell into sins. The Catholic church had a similar problem. After the reformation, Puritans built their churches simply without the glitter of popery.

The arts and beauty can be part of our lives. I recall that runner, Eric Lidell, who said he felt God’s presence when he ran. I feel that way with my orchids.

Lora Zill is my guest today. She is an artist and has written about creativity for the believer.

Lora Zill






Learn more about Lora here and here.

2:00 Why are the arts important?

2:40 As a busy mom, how can you create beauty?

3:45 Decorating your house?

4:40 What if you are struggling financially? Doesn’t creativity and beauty take a back seat?

7:25 How can creativity become a spiritual discipline?

10:50 Talk about giving God pleasure and feeling he is pleased when you create.

8:15 talk about how the artist communicates to us.










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